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January 2010 

The research about the basic understanding and awareness of the court system of Georgia. The research is prepared by Social Research Institute, by the order of the UNDP.

In December, 2010, the research was organized in 5 big cities of Georgia. Total of 2800 “accidentally selected respondents” were interviewed.

62% of the consumers replied positively on the question if they trust the court or not.

May 2010

Court consumers research was conducted by joint participation of the Judicial Administration and Management Reform (DFK) and the Supreme Court of Georgia.

In total, 3900 court consumers had been interviewed. The research was conducted in 7 courts.

Out of the interviewed respondents 53% fully trust the court, while 24% trust the court only partially. In total 77% trust the court.

August 2010

Research of the court consumers was conducted by the Social Research Company IPM, ordered by USAID.

Reasearch was conducted in 6 large courts of Georgia. Total 2000 of court consumers were interviewed.

Out of the interviewed, 63% considers the court reliable, 61% - impartial, and 71% is satisfied with court service.

December 2010

The courts (District Courts of Khelvachauri and Ozurgeti, Batumi City Court) conducted court consumers survey. According to all parameters, the situation at the courts was assessed as a favorable one ultimately resulting in the increased trust to the courts. 66% of the citizens interviewed at District Courts of Khelvachauri and Ozurgeti trust the court, while 67% of the interviewed showed their trust to Batumi City Court.

February 2011

Final survey of court consumers was conducted by the help of probationers at the City Courts of Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Rustavi. Total of 1900 court consumers were interviewed. 68% of the interviewed think that court decisions are fair.


May 2012

Court Services Quality Survey

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