Palace of Justice

Blending organically with the acting of the ancient and picturesque Mtatsminda quarter, here the inimitable charm of Tbilisi streets and lanes is especially felt, the building of the Supreme Court of Georgia stands at some three minutes walk from Rustaveli Avenue, the main thoroughfare of the Georgian capital founded fifteen centuries ago.
Even a cursory glance at the building will tell the viewers that it is an outstanding example of classical architecture, helping them from an idea of the capital of Georgia. For architecture does not need to be “translated into another language”, reflecting clearly not only the nation’s cultural and intellectual level but the country’s technical potentials as well.
The architectural forms, prevalent at the time in Western Europe and largely based on the Renaissance-Baroque style, were taking root in Tbilisi as well as in the whole of the Russian Empire. It was in the period under discussion that a decision was taken by the city authorities to have several buildings erected in the then Golovin Avenue and the adjoining Mtatsminda quarter. Later these buildings largely determined the aspect of the capital, serving as a kind of business card.


Chairmen of the Supreme Court

David Kheltuplishvili

Galaktion Vashadze 1880-1938

Konstantine Tsintsadze 1886-1931

Alexander Kacharava 1896-1937

Ilarion Talakhadze 1894-1962

Ivane Bolkvadze 1879-1938

Mikheil Isakadze 1896-1970

Akaki Javakhia 1901-1972

Mikheil Lomidze 1899-1977

Boris Purtskhvanidze 1901-1984

Isidore Dolidze 1915-1982

Mikheil Vepkhvadze 1923-1974

Emen Takidze 1910

Vladimer Maisuradze 1923-1986

Sergo Kajaia 1908-1988

Akaki Karanadze 1927-1992

Mindia Ugrekhelidze 1942

Lado Chanturia 1963

Konstantine Kemularia 1954

Konstantine Kublashvili 1973

Nino Gvenetadze 1964


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