According to #21-S$1 order of October 2, 2007 established by the Chairman of the Supreme Court, the rule of studying course at the Supreme Court has been conformed.

The aim of the studying course is to prepare high qualified cadres and develop them as professionals. Te court does its best to create free working circumstances for young lawyers and give them chance to express creative initiative in necessary conditions.

Young lawyers, who successfully take studying course at the Supreme Court, are given the chance to start working at the lower court instances, in particular situation – at the Supreme Court.

The studying course consists of two steps. The first step takes 6 months. After ending the first stage, young lawyer has to go through interview with commission. Pursuant to the positive results, hold by the commission, the lawyer will have chance to take the second step, that is he/she continues studying for additional 6 months. After the successful studying course the lawyers will be given the certificate.

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