Hungary Justice Minister visited the Supreme Court of...


Hungary Justice Minister visited the Supreme Court of Georgia

Published: 12/14/2018

On December 14, 2018 a delegation from Ministry of Justice of Hungary  headed by the Justice Minister  László Trócsányi, visited the Supreme court of Georgia. The delegation included Minister of State for Public Administration Zoltán Molnár, head of international and public relations department , Tivadar Riwf and political advisor to the Minister Arpad Lape. The hosts were the Acting chairperson of the Supreme court of Georgia, Mzia Todua and deputy chairperson, chair of Administrative Cases Chamber, Vasil Roinishvili. 

Mzia Todua introduced the system of Georgian judiciary, functions and duties of the High Council of Justice, changes in the judiciary as a result of reforms and results achieved, judiciary independence and accountability, enhancement of transparency and informational technologies. The meeting participants also touched upon matters of judges selection and appointment procedures and the amendments that will be enforced from December 16 of the current year in the judiciary after enactment of the new constitution of Georgia. Mzia Todua mentioned, in particular, the subject of increasing the number o f the Supreme Court judges and about transformation of the High Council of Justice into a constitutional body. The meeting also concerned the issues of the results of random electronic case  allocation and activities implemented by the Administrative Cases Chamber.

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