Information on activities of the library

There is storage of books on the first floor of the library of the Supreme Court where the archive materials are kept in Georgian, Russian, English, French and German languages. A reader has a chance to get familiar with the needed information with the archive classifier at the place.

There are two reading halls on the second floor of the library of the Supreme Court for the literature in the foreign and Georgian languages. The library meets international standards. The contemporary methods of using the books fund are introduced, namely, a reader has a chance to find needed literature from the book fund without the help of a librarian.

Not only the professional lawyers, but also other readers can access it. They have an access to recent law literature in Georgian, English, German, Russian and French languages. The number of readers is increasing every day. At the moment of registration, number of the category (lawyer, scholar, post-graduate student, student, judge or other specialist) is put down on the reader’s card of the library of the Supreme Court. The number is defined based on the profession of a reader. This simplifies the verification of statistical data about the people of which profession visit the library most frequently.

A desired book is found with the help of the software and a classifier specially created for the library.

Library of the Supreme Court systematically receives the most recent copies of magazines and newspapers. The reader has a chance to get familiar with the Georgian and foreign press. The publications having much publicity are filed as an information monitoring. At the periodicals department the reader can get familiar with the Georgian and foreign issues. At the same hall it is possible to make photocopies of magazines, newspapers and books. The reading hall of judges provides services to the judges of not only the Supreme Court, but also the ones at District (City) Courts and the Courts of Appeal. Here they have all the conditions for working. There is an internet connection at the library. A reader can quickly find the needed material via internet.

The library conducts its activities according to the operational software. The electronic catalogue simplifies quick provision of information.

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